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Frequently Asked Questions – Esteril



Q. Why I can't switch on the Esteril button?

  1. Water flowed in, causing the unit's IC board to be temporarily cut off the power supply. Leave your Esteril sterilizer for 2-3 days and it will be ready to use again.
  2. Caused by moisture on the panel. The sterilizer can detect the moisture on the panel and turn off the electrical circuit immediately, so the sterilizer will not turn on until the moisture on the panel is fully dry. This is the safety element that our sterilizer has. To avoid any electrical issues like current shock, we recommend leaving the sterilizer to dry for 2 days, so the moisture inside can fully dry.



Q. How to know whether my Esteril sterilizer has a problem as stated above or needs to send for repair?

  1. When you plug-in your Esteril sterilizer's power socket and switch on the plug, the sterilizer will immediately release a beep sound for 3 times (but, can't switch on the sterilizer) it means the sterilizer doesn’t have any problem (2 days of fully dry is recommended) but if not, then we advice to send the sterilizer for repair.
  2. To avoid the moisture going into the panel, we recommend just using a 90ml/3oz volume of water to sterilize (even though the user manual stated to use 130ml of water) so that you can use the sterilizer multiple times.



Q. When do I need to send my Esteril sterilizer for repair?

  1. When there is no any beep sound from the sterilizer when you plug-in the sterilizer and switch on the power socket (that means the sterilizer has a panel problem).
  2. When the sterilizer releases cool air during the drying process.