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Quality and Safety

Your baby is our priority, same goes with your happiness. 

Every design is carefully picked, every material is committed to the industry standards, and harmless to your baby's health. Our mothers trust us to provide them with high-quality products that are safe for them and their babies. Through your feedback, our strengths and areas of improvement are identified, We design, produce and deliver to meet your needs.

We are passionate about the future and wellbeing of our young ones. The core of our product designs is founded upon providing safe and high-quality products that meet all applicable standards and regulations.

  • Our factories and supplies must stringently adhere to international product safety and standards. 
  • We are committed to ensure that we have the right quality capability, each batch of our storage bags are produced with a post-sterilization certificate. 
  • We choose quality over cost. We take the necessary measures to eliminate and reduce the health risks by evaluating every supplies of raw material.
    • We are the first in the market that introduced these innovation with our storage bags: Easy-tear porforated cut, Thermal Sensor Indicator, 4 designs in 1 box.
    • Our bottles are made of known plastic supplies from BASF, Germany. 
  • We strive to achieve customer satisfaction with a customer-oriented approach. We are committed to evaluating, resolving and giving feedback to customer complaints.



Our planet and our responsibilities towards a sustainable future.

We live only once, but the choices we make all have impacts on our planet.

We ought to do everything possible to reduce climate impact of our products carbon footprint.   Every decision we take about what goes into our products, how they’re made and how they are being used is an opportunity to reduce our climate impact. 

  • Most of our carbon footprint lies in our value chain: from raw materials and the emissions from transporting ingredients to factories and then the finished products to our consumers. We work with factories which are audited in its the sustainability approach within the scope of pollution prevention and environmental protection.
  • We can't achieve our climate goals alone. We ensure minimized waste generation, we promote reduce, reuse, recycling by educating our consumers the importance of sustainable consumption. 
  • With the aim of leaving a more sustainable world to future generations, we carry out social responsibility projects such as the Kita-Bantu-Kita program by passing down the preloved baby products to the needy.